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Goggle Accessories

Goggle Accessories

Keep Your Best Pair Looking Like New with Premium Swim Goggle Accessories!

Choose from our extensive line of Swim Goggle Accessories to keep your favourite set looking and performing their best for as long as possible.

Get a Full Supply of Swim Goggle Accessories Today!

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Showing 1-1 of 1

Quality Care for Your Swim Goggle Accessories

Whether you’re repairing an older set of Swim Goggles or upgrading your favourite pair, we have exactly what you need to maintain your eye protection. With the right Swim Goggle Accessories, you’ll be prepared for any challenge!

  • Anti-Fog Drops – For the Clearest Lenses
  • Replacement Clips and Straps – Upgrade Your Goggles
  • Protective Cases – Prevents Scratches and Breakage
  • Extra Bridges – Spares Come in Handy

Swimmers supplies replacement straps to meet a wide variety of needs. Choose from simple goggle elastic, fun silicone straps in neon colours, quick-release bungee straps and competition straps designed specifically for racing goggles.

To make sure you’re never at a loss when training or competing, Swimmers sells spare bridges and clips. If your existing items are lost or damaged, simply replace the missing part with one of these high-quality items. Each one is designed to perform as good as or better than the original part.

If your favourite pair of swim goggles is starting to lose their anti-fog protection, use Keifer Anti-Fog drops to extend their useful life. This product is safe to use with any type of swim goggle or mask.

To protect your swim goggles and hold your goggle accessories, we recommend the Keifer Goggle/Swim Mask case. With its sleek, black design, this case prevents scratches and other damage while keeping your spare clips, straps, bridges and cleaning supplies in one convenient location.

Enhance Your Eye Protection with High-Quality Swim Goggle Accessories